Jace is One!

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I’ve known Jace since before he was born, his mommy was one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen.  When she walked into my studio for her maternity session, she was simply glowing.  You can see more of the images from Kellee’s maternity session here.



It wasn’t long after her maternity session, I got the call that little Jace had arrived.  I had been planning his session for quite a while and had complete confidence that it would go as smoothly as the many newborn sessions I had shot before him.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Jace wanted nothing and I mean nothing to do with being photographed.  He refused to sleep, wouldn’t hold a pose, broke through even the strongest of swaddles…You name it, he challenged me.  We did manage to get some adorable shots of him that I’m sure his mommy and daddy will cherish forever.  You can see more of the images from Jace’s newborn and 3 month session here.


When Jace came back to the studio for his 3 month session…I took a deep breathe and thought to myself, this has to go better than the last time!  Jace came in with a giant smile on his face, laughing with his daddy, cooing with his mommy…I was elated.  As soon as they set him in front of the camera, he started to melt down.  I couldn’t help but laugh as his parents assured me that he never acts like that, he was normally a very happy and agreeable baby…Great, it’s just me he hates then =)  With a lot of work and a ton of encouragement from his parents, we managed to snap some great shots of him again.


The next time I saw Jace was to grab a quick Christmas family photo.  I swear, he just kept getting more adorable every time I saw him.


Finally, it was time for Jace’s one year session…Certainly he was much older now and would love to be photographed by now.  We decided on a beach setting for this session.  Jace was all smiles this time…until we tried to pick him up off of the sand!  He was as content and happy as could be in the sand or in the water…We were constantly dusting him off, he had sand in his hair, all over his face, in his mouth…Everywhere!

I have grown so fond of this little boy and his parents, I hope to have the honor of continuing to watch him grow up.  Thank you for allowing me to capture some amazing memories of Jace’s first year!
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So I'm the mom in the background taking all the pictures - the one that always has her camera. It's something I truly love to do - to capture even the smallest moments. When others may put their cameras down, I will keep clicking. Sometimes the best pictures are those when people don't know they're being photographed. I love the genuine picture; the picture that captures personality and that moment in time.

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