Investing in myself, my business!

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As a photographer, I don’t usually think twice about investing in fun and unique props, the newest camera body or fancy new lens.  What I have always struggled to invest in, is myself as an artist.  I pride myself on being self-taught; I have watched countless videos, read numerous books, networked with amazing photographers and taken my camera almost everywhere possible to refine my skills.  But I know I am capable of more, my clients deserve the best images possible and I want to be the best photographer I can be.

When the opportunity came along to take a newborn workshop, I researched all of them that I could find.  There were some that were cheaper and many that were closer, but ultimately, I chose the Jaci Fortshay Newborn workshop.  There was something about her style that spoke to me, something as an artist and something as a mother.  I loved every one of her newborn images, they were organic, warm…perfection.

I paid for the workshop and counted down the days.  I had never left my children (8 months and 4 years old) for more than one night, the thought of two nights apart was almost unbearable.  But this was something I wanted, no, needed to do for myself, so I grabbed my gear and hopped in the car for the drive from Michigan to Indiana.

The workshop was nothing short of incredible!  Jaci has perfected every aspect of her newborn sessions and having the opportunity to learn from her was nothing short of amazing!  There were many “so that is how she does that” moments.  I can’t share the details on what went on in the workshop, but what I can tell you is that it was, without a doubt, the best investment I have EVER made for my business…Better than any prop, camera body or lens.

Enjoy a few of the images I captured at the workshop…

963fb IMG_3828 fb IMG_3838 fb IMG_3855 copy IMG_3887 copy IMG_3900 fb IMG_3944 fb IMG_3952 fb IMG_3970 fb IMG_3978 fb IMG_3984 fb IMG_3993 fb IMG_4002 fb IMG_4013 fb IMG_4020 fb IMG_4030 copy

Welcome to the World…You are too handsome for words!

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It is always an honor when a family chooses me to capture the first memories of their precious little ones.  When mommy sent me the first cell phone shots of this handsome baby boy, I was in awe…His tan skin, full head of dark hair, huge eyes and pouty lips, combined to make one of the most adorable newborn boys I have ever seen.

Chin Layers blur copy

Elephant copy

family 2 wash copy

family copy

IMG_2657 copy

IMG_2681 copy

IMG_2722 copy

IMG_2730 copy

IMG_2746 copy

IMG_2759 copy

IMG_2770 copy

IMG_2791 copy

IMG_2819 copy

IMG_2830 copy

IMG_2837 copy

IMG_2841 copy

IMG_2851 copy 3

IMG_2906 copy

IMG_2937 copy

IMG_2959 copy

Nest Layers copy

Sweet Little Miss “A”

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This is one of my favorite clients…Little Miss “A”!  I have been photographing her since she was a newborn.  She used to LOVE being photographed, but she has definitely found her sense of independence and boy did she let me know it.  She is smart, sassy, stubborn and beautiful…She may not have smiled in every photo, but she looks gorgeous in all of them!

Anna copy IMG_0361 copy IMG_0404 copy IMG_0416 copy IMG_0445 copy IMG_0474 copy IMG_0475 copy IMG_0482 copy IMG_0877 copy IMG_1004 copy IMG_1013 copy

Now Accepting Applications for Class of 2015 Senior Reps!

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It’s a New Year and that means it time to choose new Senior Reps for the graduating class of 2015! Only 2 Senior Reps are chosen per High School, so get your applications in early!  Are you outgoing, energetic, photogenic and social?…If so, you might be exactly what I am looking for!  Candidates must live within 20 miles of 48197, currently be maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA and be willing to pass out senior rep cards.  All photos MUST be taken in April 2014.  All Senior Reps will receive 50% off their Senior Photo Session, 20% off of their photo package, COMPLIMENTARY professional hair and makeup, up to 3 wardrobe changes and multiple locations.  No prints or digital images are included, however, you will receive $20 CASH for each Senior you refer that completes a session.  To be considered, please email me at with your name/your child’s name, name of attending high school, all extra curricular activities you participate in, current GPA and why you think you or your child would be a good rep for me! For all session information including package pricing, please visit my website ­­­­­

Senior Rep Program

Oh those Dimples!…

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Every time I see these little guys they get more and more adorable.  They are a little shy, a little quiet and a ton of charming…Although their mommy swears they are little trouble makers 😉

IMG_0001 copy IMG_0004 copy IMG_0037 copy IMG_9922 copy IMG_9928 copy IMG_9932 copy IMG_9944 copy IMG_9952 copy IMG_9955 copy IMG_9957 copy IMG_9967 copy IMG_9974 copy IMG_9978 copy IMG_9983 copy IMG_9989 copy IMG_9992 copy IMG_9999 copy


Dogs just want to have fun!

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE dogs!  So needless to say, I was ecstatic when 2 of my favorite clients showed up with their adorable black lab Gunner!  He is really well trained and posed for photos like a professional.

IMG_0582 copy IMG_0591 copyIMG_0571 copy IMG_0596 copy IMG_0602 copy IMG_0610 copy IMG_0617 copy IMG_0619 copy IMG_0623 copy IMG_0627 copy IMG_0634 copy IMG_0641 copy IMG_0644 copy IMG_0648 copy IMG_0650 copy IMG_0673 copy IMG_0675 copy

Oh Christmas Tree…

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Little Jace came back to see me for a Holiday Mini Session.  He was a bundle of energy and hard to contain, so I put down my bag, picked up my camera and gave chase.  It was a lot of fun and I burned a lot of calories, I just LOVE his big eyes and his enormous smile.


IMG_9749 copy IMG_9754 copy IMG_9764 copy IMG_9779 copy IMG_9791 copy IMG_9801 copy IMG_9816 copy IMG_9824 copy IMG_9836 copy IMG_9839 copy IMG_9847 copy IMG_9850 copy IMG_9857 copy IMG_9873 copy IMG_9881 copy IMG_9885 copy IMG_9892 copy IMG_9906 copy IMG_9919 copy

The smell of pine is in the Air

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This past weekend I spent 6 hours at a Christmas tree farm, in the freezing cold, with my amazing clients, shooting my Holiday Mini Sessions.  Up first is the beautiful “A” family.  This family holds a special place in my heart because it happens to be my sister, brother in-law and their adorable twins.

IMG_0091 copy IMG_0108 copy IMG_0111 copy IMG_0126 copy IMG_0153 copy 4 IMG_0157 copy IMG_0167 copy IMG_0175 copy hot spot copy IMG_0178 copy IMG_0212 copy IMG_0239 copy IMG_0241 copy
IMG_0256 copyIMG_0292 copy

Our Little Elf on the Shelf is Back! Oh Porter, we missed you!

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Porter, our little Elf on the Shelf is back and already up to his old tricks!  If you missed his shenanigans last year, you can see them here

He arrived in style, coming down the chimney and bearing gifts…too bad he got stuck on his way down…Silly Porter!


It is already getting really cold here in Michigan, it looks like Porter is Crocheting himself a sweater so he can stay warm…So crafty!


 It took a while for us to find Porter on day 3!  We finally found him flying high around my son’s nursery.

Blue Angel

Jace is One!

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I’ve known Jace since before he was born, his mommy was one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen.  When she walked into my studio for her maternity session, she was simply glowing.  You can see more of the images from Kellee’s maternity session here.



It wasn’t long after her maternity session, I got the call that little Jace had arrived.  I had been planning his session for quite a while and had complete confidence that it would go as smoothly as the many newborn sessions I had shot before him.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Jace wanted nothing and I mean nothing to do with being photographed.  He refused to sleep, wouldn’t hold a pose, broke through even the strongest of swaddles…You name it, he challenged me.  We did manage to get some adorable shots of him that I’m sure his mommy and daddy will cherish forever.  You can see more of the images from Jace’s newborn and 3 month session here.


When Jace came back to the studio for his 3 month session…I took a deep breathe and thought to myself, this has to go better than the last time!  Jace came in with a giant smile on his face, laughing with his daddy, cooing with his mommy…I was elated.  As soon as they set him in front of the camera, he started to melt down.  I couldn’t help but laugh as his parents assured me that he never acts like that, he was normally a very happy and agreeable baby…Great, it’s just me he hates then =)  With a lot of work and a ton of encouragement from his parents, we managed to snap some great shots of him again.


The next time I saw Jace was to grab a quick Christmas family photo.  I swear, he just kept getting more adorable every time I saw him.


Finally, it was time for Jace’s one year session…Certainly he was much older now and would love to be photographed by now.  We decided on a beach setting for this session.  Jace was all smiles this time…until we tried to pick him up off of the sand!  He was as content and happy as could be in the sand or in the water…We were constantly dusting him off, he had sand in his hair, all over his face, in his mouth…Everywhere!

I have grown so fond of this little boy and his parents, I hope to have the honor of continuing to watch him grow up.  Thank you for allowing me to capture some amazing memories of Jace’s first year!
IMG_8061 copy IMG_8078 copy IMG_8105 copy IMG_8117 copy IMG_8140 copy IMG_8148 copy IMG_8156 copy IMG_8178 bw copy IMG_8185 copy IMG_8205 copy IMG_8223 copy IMG_8244 copy IMG_8266 copy IMG_8275 copy IMG_8303 BW copy IMG_8313 BW copy IMG_8317 bw copy IMG_8394 copy IMG_8401 copy IMG_8411 copy IMG_8464 copy IMG_8536 copy

A Little About Me...

After years of taking pictures of my family and my friends' children, I decided to take the plunge and launch Melissa Bruno Photography. Photography has always been a great passion for me and I appreciate all the wonderful friends and family that have prompted me to take this leap. I am having so much fun developing this wonderful gift that God has given me; it fills my heart when I bring true joy to my clients and capture their special moments.

So I'm the mom in the background taking all the pictures - the one that always has her camera. It's something I truly love to do - to capture even the smallest moments. When others may put their cameras down, I will keep clicking. Sometimes the best pictures are those when people don't know they're being photographed. I love the genuine picture; the picture that captures personality and that moment in time.

I have a studio in Ann Arbor but I also love to shoot outdoors and on location. Sometimes it's as easy as going out to play and getting some fun shots. We can go to a park, or I can come to your home. My goal in each session is to capture those special expressions, candid moments, a playful spirit and then maybe a few traditional shots thrown in! I try to combine fun poses along with truly original moments that reflect personality during your session.

Portraits are precious and freeze those fleeting memories. Our children grow so fast, let's capture them in every stage, every milestone. I thank God for the talent that He has given me to really "see" a picture. And I am blessed to have a loving husband and a beautiful daughter at home that afford me lots of practice and offer their limitless support. I hope that you will let me capture you, your children, your family. A good photo is priceless and will touch your heart forever.